The most effective method of maintaining your pet’s oral health is prevention with brushing of the teeth. Sometimes even with routine at-home prevention your pet will still require more advanced care, for those times we are here to help! Southgate Animal Clinic performs routine dental ultrasonic prophylaxis including the ability to obtain full-mouth digital radiographs to monitor disease progression that is happening underneath the gumline where we are not able to visualize it’s severity. Southgate Animal Clinic is able to skillfully perform dental extractions as needed based on exam/radiographic findings during your dog or cat’s dentistry. Our doctors and technicians have the experience to identify problem areas and develop a treatment plan individualized for your dog or cat.


Due to the “invasive” nature of a thorough oral exam with dental cleaning and radiographs with the potential for extractions, all dental procedures must be performed under general anesthesia. There is no way that a non-traumatic and thorough dental cleaning below the gumline can be safely and properly performed without anesthesia.


At your pet’s exam the veterinarian will perform a full examination, including oral exam. We will go over the findings with you and make recommendations for a treatment plan based on the findings.