Southgate Animal Clinic is a state-of-the-art medical and surgical facility that utilizes the finest equipment for examination, diagnosis and treatment of your pet. Surgeries are performed Monday through Friday. Our doctors and technicians attend educational seminars throughout the year to bring your pet the latest in veterinary medicine and surgery. We use advanced anesthetic equipment and sterile technique on each individual pet. Each surgical patient is individually monitored from check-in through recovery.

Our in house diagnostic abilities have gotten even better with our addition of digital radiographs. The advantages of digital radiography over conventional film are numerous. These include no more waiting for film to be developed, improved visibility of abnormalities, and reduced radiation exposure to the patient and veterinary personnel. In addition to these advantages, the digital images are more easily distributed to clients, referring veterinarians and off-site specialists for review.

Our goal is to provide the best diagnostic imaging for our patients. With our new Elkin DR system we are confident that we will continue to be able to do this well into the future. The digital images acquired at Southgate can be distributed to clients and referring veterinarians by numerous electronic methods including email, as well as hard copy output CDs or even good old-fashioned film.