Low light level laser (“cold” laser) therapy is one of the fastest growing modalities in the veterinary profession. Multiple clinical studies have proven that laser therapy relieves pain and inflammation, stimulates nerve regeneration, speeds up healing, prevents scarring, and reduces swelling. Nearly 80% of veterinary patients can benefit from laser therapy. 


Many disease processes that involve inflammation can be helped with the use of laser therapy. One of the most common applications of laser therapy is musculoskeletal disease and injury (osteoarthritis, soft tissue injury). The laser is effective in helping injured muscles heal more quickly, as well as improving the function of muscles that have been strained secondary to arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other injuries. Dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery benefit from laser treatment, as inflammation and pain are decreased while the circulation improves. Wounds and incisions heal more quickly when treated with the laser.

Low level laser therapy can easily be integrated into your pet’s veterinary care. Because treatment is painless and quick, even the most nervous animal can be easily treated. In fact, many animals feel more comfortable after just a few minutes of treatment. Depending on the condition, treatments are performed every few days for the first one to two weeks, then at a weekly or biweekly interval as healing progresses. Many pets are significantly improved in as few as six treatments. Periodic follow-up treatments can help pets maintain normal function and comfort, allowing them to live with minimal pain, without drugs or invasive procedures.

This service is offered by our veterinarians as an addition or alternative to medicinal treatment as seen fit for each individual, ask about it at your next appointment!