Dental Treatment Consent Form

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Dental Consent Form

Medical History:
Intravenous catheter and fluids:
An IV catheter will be placed prior to anesthesia. IV fluids improve blood pressure, assist in processing the anesthetic agents, compensate for blood loss and provide a direct line in case of emergency.
Pre-anesthetic testing:
Your pet is scheduled for anesthesia and dental treatment. Any anesthetic procedure has potential risk. Therefore, we recommend a blood profile for all pets and require it for pets over 7 years of age, to ensure that your pet is in suitable condition prior to this procedure. We are able to perform quick and accurate blood tests before your pets anesthetic induction. these tests are same that your doctor would request before you would undergo anesthesia.
Consent to perform extractions and necessary procedures:
A full dental exam is performed once your pet is under anesthesia. Until then we can not detect every dental problem your pet may have. A staff member will call you to update your estimate if additional services are needed. We recommend completing all needed dental procedures during this visit to help reduce stress on your pet and additional anesthesia costs.
Emergency Treatment:
** All animals found to have an existing flea population will be treated with an appropriate flea product.