Fully Stocked Pet Pharmacy

At Southgate Animal Clinic, we understand the deep connection between you and your beloved pet. We are dedicated to providing over-the-top pet pharmacy services in Milwaukie, OR, with an unwavering focus on delivering high-quality care that exceeds expectations.

Veterinarian with small puppy at the vet clinic

Fully Stocked Pet Pharmacy

Our veterinary clinic offers a comprehensive range of pet medications, including both prescription and over-the-counter products. Our convenient on-site pet pharmacy gives you easy access to all the medicines your pet requires in one place, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

Our team of licensed pharmacists specializes in veterinary pharmaceuticals and possesses in-depth knowledge of pet health. They are available to address your concerns, provide medication counseling, and ensure the safe and appropriate use of medications for your pet.

Additionally, feel free to also check out our online pharmacy here.

The benefits for your pet by utilizing our pet pharmacy services include:

  • Convenient Access to Medications: Our pet pharmacy provides easy access to a wide range of medications, ensuring that your pet’s healthcare needs are met efficiently and effectively. You can rely on us to have the medications your pet requires readily available, saving you time and effort.
  • Quality Assurance: We source our medications from reputable suppliers, guaranteeing that you receive genuine and high-quality products for your pet. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that your pet receives safe and effective medications that contribute to their well-being.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced pharmacists offer personalized guidance on medication administration, dosages, and potential side effects. You can trust their expertise to ensure your pet receives the correct medications and proper care, optimizing their health outcomes.
  • Collaboration with Veterinarians: Our pet pharmacy collaborates closely with our veterinarians to provide seamless and coordinated care for your pet. This collaboration ensures that your pet’s healthcare team understands their medical needs and can make informed decisions about their treatment.

At Southgate Animal Clinic, we are here to meet all your pet’s pharmaceutical needs. Contact Us today to experience the convenience and expertise of our pet pharmacy and give your furry companion the exceptional care they deserve.

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