We at Southgate Animal Clinic are aware of the special bond you have with your pet companions. We are committed to offering exceptional medical care and outstanding service for your beloved pets in Milwaukie,OR.

Veterinarian with small puppy at the vet clinic


At Southgate Animal Clinic, we offer comprehensive medical services tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs. From routine check-ups to advanced diagnostics and surgeries, we deliver a wide range of high-quality care options. With our state-of-the-art facility and advanced technology, our skilled veterinarians can provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

We believe that every pet deserves personalized care and treatment plans. Whether your pet needs preventive care, dental work, or specialized medical care, our caring staff takes the time to learn about their unique needs.

Thanks to our highly trained doctors who keep up with the most recent developments in veterinary medicine, you can trust that your pet is in capable hands. Our friendly staff creates a welcoming environment, making each visit a positive experience for you and your furry friend. We prioritize your pet’s comfort and employ effective pain management strategies to keep them happy and healthy.

By utilizing our pet medical services, your pet receives the following benefits:

  • Early detection and treatment of potential health issues, improving their prognosis and quality of life.
  • Comprehensive preventive care that helps prevent diseases and keeps your pet in optimal health.
  • Expert guidance and personalized care plans to address your pet’s individual needs.

Give Your Pet the Exceptional Care They Deserve:

At Southgate Animal Clinic, we understand the love and devotion you have for your pet. Our mission is to provide exceptional pet medical services in Milwaukie, OR, that surpass your expectations and contribute to your pet’s well-being. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the compassionate care your furry friend deserves.

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